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Bring your own lot or plans.

- Collaborate with our team on your lot or existing design ideas

Collaborative Design Analysis

Canaan Modern Homes strives to make your home building process a positive, memorable and rewarding experience. Our process starts with a collaborative design analysis. In a continuing effort to surpass client expectations from the beginning, the process centers around truly understanding the way you live your life. The best custom design, we believe, is more than aesthetics—it should produce an emotional connection and inform an emotional response. The shape and topography of the home site matters. Our designs are intended to maximize views, natural light, and prevailing winds. Energy efficiency is central to our mission, and our LEED certified director incorporates LEED principles in every Canaan Modern Home. Equally important is the construction team’s input and knowledge on how the home sits on the lot and the engineering and structural considerations of the home. These components occur earlier in the design-build method of delivery, which work to intensify and perfect the design outcomes.



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