Electronic Communication Disclosure

The entire content of this communication is confidential. This also applies to any files attached to it. This email is intended for an individual(s) or entity to whom they are addressed. In case you are not the addressee of this communication, and you have received it in error, immediately contact the sender or system manager. The information in this communication is very sensitive, and it is intended for the specific addressee. This communication should not be disseminated, distributed or copied. If you have received this communication and it was not for you, make sure to immediately notify the sender by email and afterwards delete the communication from your system. Disclosing, copying, distributing, or taking any action in reliance to the communication content is strictly prohibited. Consider yourself notified.


Please be informed that no employee or agent is authorized to conclude any legally binding agreement on behalf of “Company Name” with the 3rd party via email. This can be only done if the employee or agent in question has a confirmation explicitly written by the “Company Director” for that specific occasion.


Our company cannot be held responsible for the content of this email, nor can it be responsible for the consequences of the actions taken based on the information we have provided in this communication. We accept liability only if we have subsequently confirmed the information found in the communication in writing. Please make sure that you are the intended recipient of this communication. If you are not, please notice that disclosing, copying, distributing, or taking any action in reliance to the contents of this information is strictly prohibited.


Views and opinions presented in the content of this communication are solely those of the communication author. They don’t necessarily represent those of the organization. Our employees are explicitly required not to infringe or authorize any infringement of copyright or any other legal right by email communication, as well not to make defamatory statements. Our company policy is clear, and you can access it on our website at It states that any such communication is contrary to our policy and outside the scope of the organizational role of the individual concerned. Considering all this, please be informed that the company will not accept any liability in respect to such communication. If there is any damage or other liability arising, the employee is the one who will be personally liable.

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